Description: THIS LIST HAS BEEN RETIRED IN FAVOR OF TWO SEPARATE LISTS - PFASSTRUCT (EXPLICIT STRUCTURES) AND PFASDEV (UVCB CHEMICALS) ************RETIRED*********** PFASMASTER is a consolidated list of PFAS substances spanning and bounded by the below lists of current interest to researchers and regulators worldwide. For all available lists on the dashboard view these search results.
    Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) represent a growing, increasingly diverse inventory of chemicals of interest to the general public, scientific researchers, and regulatory agencies world-wide. Accompanying data-gathering, testing, and environmental monitoring exercises, in turn, have led to the publication and sharing of various lists of PFAS chemicals, some exceeding several thousand substances. A major effort was undertaken by EPA researchers within the National Center for Computational Toxicology to curate and structure-annotate several public lists in DSSTox. The below list of registered PFAS lists, from within and outside EPA, encompass PFAS of potential interest based on environmental occurrence (through literature reports and analytical detection) and manufacturing process data, as well as lists of PFAS chemicals procured for testing within EPA research programs. The consolidated list contains a number of PFAS CAS-name substances, with a subset represented with defined chemical structures. There is no precisely clear definition of what constitutes a PFAS substance given the inclusion of partially fluorinated substances, polymers, and ill-defined reaction products on these various lists. Hence, PFASMASTER serves as a consolidated list of substances spanning and bounded by the below lists, defining a practical boundary of PFAS chemical space (within DSSTox) of current interest to researchers and regulators worldwide. This PFAS Master List will continue to expand as component lists grow. (Last Updated: August 10th 2021) is an EPA research list of PFAS compiled from various internal, literature and public sources. is a complete list of DMSO-solubilized PFAS in EPA's ToxCast inventory. list is a prioritized subset of this larger chemical inventory. is a list of chemicals procured, but found to be insoluble in DMSO above 5mM. is a list of PFAS chemicals in the OECD New Comprehensive Global Database. is a list of PFAS chemicals from a KEMI Swedish Chemicals Agency Report (provided by Stellan Fischer). is a list of PFAS compiled by a community effort in 2015. is a list of structure-based Markush PFAS categories (capabilities under development). is a list of all PFAS structures containing a specific defined substructures. is a list of PFAS chemicals without explicit structures - polymers and other UVCB chemicals.

    Number of Chemicals: 12039