Description: OECD released a New Comprehensive Global Database of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) listing more than 4700 new PFAS, including several new groups of PFASs that fulfill the common definition of PFASs (i.e. they contain at least one perfluoroalkyl moiety) but have not yet been commonly regarded as PFASs. The list can be used in conjunction with the methodology report summarising the major findings with respect to the total numbers and types of PFASs identified, the limitations, gaps and challenges identified, and opportunities for improving the future understanding of PFASs production, use on the global market, and presence in the environment, biota, and other matrices.

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    A major effort was undertaken to register this list within DSSTox, adding chemical structures for as many PFAS entries as possible using both manual and auto-mapping (structures using CAS-matching) curation methods. The result is that approximately 1/3 of the list is curated at the highest two curation levels (DSSTox_High or DSSTox_Low) currently, whereas more than half of this list is registered at the Public_Low curation level (based on PubChem content).The PFASOECD list is undergoing continuous registration and curation.

    Number of Chemicals: 4729