TOX21SL: Tox21 Screening Library

List Details

Description: TOX21SL consists of unique DSSTox substance records mapped to the current Tox21 chemical screening library. Each of the three main federal agency partners (EPA, NTP, NCATS) contributed approximately equal size inventories to the library, with the EPA contribution largely overlapping the current ToxCast HTS inventory (TOXCAST), the NTP contribution drawn from the NTP bioassay and research testing programs of chemicals of interest to environmental toxicology, and the NCATS contribution consisting primarily of marketed drugs. Tox21 compounds were selected based on a wide range of criteria, including, but not limited to: environmental hazard or exposure concern based on production volume (industrial chemicals) or occurrence data, availability of animal toxicity study data, food-additives, fragrances, toxicity reference chemicals, and drugs or known bioactive compounds. Chemicals in the Tox21 program undergo screening at the intramural NCATS robotics testing facility. All HTS assay data generated in association with the Tox21 program are publicly available through PubChem (, as are the analytical chemistry quality control (QC) summary records generated in association with the Tox21 testing program. For more information on the Tox21 program, see partner websites at the EPA, NTP, and NCATS.

Number of Chemicals: 8947