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Anise oil
8007-70-3 | DTXSID3024528

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Chemistry Dashboard. (accessed May 21, 2018), Anise oil

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Anise oil
8007-70-3 Active CAS-RN
Anise star extract (Illicium verum Hook, F.)
Anise star (Illicium verum Hook, F.)
Anise star oil (Illicium verum Hook, F.)
Caswell No. 616
EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 004301
FEMA No. 2095
FEMA No. 2096
Oils, anise
Oils, pimpinella anisum
Star anise oil
Staraniseed oil
Anis oel
UNII-6Y89129C8H FDA Registry Number

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