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Perfluorosulfonic acid, PTFE copolymer
66796-30-3 | DTXSID30882013

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Chemistry Dashboard. (accessed July 20, 2018), Perfluorosulfonic acid, PTFE copolymer

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A perfluorosulfonic acid cationic exchange membrane, probably a perfluoro(3,6-dioxa-4-methyl-7-octenesulfonic acid)-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer (Nicolet Inst. Corp.). -[O-CF2-CF(CF3)]n-OCF2-SO3H grafted to fluorocarbon chain

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Perfluorosulfonic acid, PTFE copolymer
66796-30-3 Active CAS-RN
EC-NM 117
Perfluorosulfonic acid, PTFE copolymer
Nafion 117
342906-32-5 Deleted CAS-RN

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