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C.I. Sulphur Black 1
1326-82-5 | DTXSID5029213

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Chemistry Dashboard. (accessed April 22, 2018), C.I. Sulphur Black 1

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Level 1:Expert curated, highest confidence in accuracy and consistency of unique chemical identifiers

Level 2:Expert curated, unique chemical identifiers using multiple sources

Level 3:Programmatically curated from high quality EPA source, unique chemical identifiers have no conflicts in ChemID and PubChem

Level 4:Programmatically curated from ChemID, unique chemical identifiers have no conflicts in PubChem

Level 5:Programmatically curated from ACToR or PubChem, unique chemical identifiers with low confidence, single public source

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C.I. Sulphur Black 1
1326-82-5 Active CAS-RN
C.I. Sulfur Black 1
Asphalen Sulphur Black C
Asphalen Sulphur Black S
Atul Sulphur Black GXE
Atul Sulphur Black GXR
Atul Sulphur Black RP
Calcogene Black GX-CF
Diresul Black P
Eclipse Black BG
Eclipse Deep Black S
EINECS 215-444-2
Fenoxyl Black RD
Immedial Black AT
Immedial Black GN
Immedial Black MF
Immedial Carbon B
Immedial Carbon BO
Immedial Carbon BR
Immedial Carbon CBO
Immedial Carbon CM
Immedial Carbon CMR
Immedial Carbon LP
Immedial Carbon MLB
Immedial Carbon NGD
Immedial Carbon RRC
Immedial MFS Grains
Immedial Printing Black B paste
Katigen Deep Black NND-CF
Katigen Deep Black RND-CF
Kayaku Sulphur Black G
Kayaku Sulphur Black 3BX
Kayaku Sulphur Black BBR 200
Kayaku Sulphur Black BBX
Kayaku Sulphur Black BDX
Kayaku Sulphur Black BNX
Kayaku Sulphur Black BX
Kayaku Sulphur Black BX 200
Kayaku Sulphur Black BX 200 Flakes
Kayaku Sulphur Black TB
Kayasol Black B
Mitsui Sulphur Black B
Mitsui Sulphur Black G
Mitsui Sulphur Black BC
Mitsui Sulphur Black BF
Mitsui Sulphur Black BO
Mitsui Sulphur Black BS
Mitsui Sulphur Black GF
Mundial Black MO
Nissen Black BGL
Nissen Black BK
Nissen Black BX
Nissen Black KBX
Nissen Black LBX
Original Cubatao Sulphur Black
Pirocard Black B
Pirocard Black T
Pirocard Black IT
Pirocard Black PL
Pirocard Black PSE
Pirocard Black PSR
Pirocard Black TR
Pyrogene Deep Black B
Pyrogene Deep Black D
Sodyesul Black R
Sodyesul Black 2B
Sodyesul Black PACF
Sofral Black FP
Suldura Black PG
Sulfanol Black B
Sulfanol Black MBS
Sulfanol Black MRS
Sulfer Black G
Sulfer Black BB
Sulfer Black GB
Sulfer Black KBR
Sulfogen Black BWLE
Sulfogene Carbon HCF Grains
Sulfur Black
Sulfur Black B
Sulfur Black T
Sulfur Black 1
Sulfur Black 2B
Sulfur Black BGL
Sulfur Black BGND
Sulfur Black BRW
Sulpho Black
Sulphol Black B 150
Sulphol Black G Conc
Sulphol Black BS
Sulphol Black GSP paste
Sulphol Black XG
Sulphol Liquid Black QG
Sulphur Black
Sulphur Black B
Sulphur Black G
Sulphur Black M
Sulphur Black P
Sulphur Black T
Sulphur Black 1
Sulphur Black 911
Sulphur Black 911 Extra
Sulphur Black BRW
Sulphur Black BT
Sulphur Black HD Grains
Sulphur Black HD Grains 115
Sulphur Black HD Grains 125
Sulphur Black LA
Sulphur Black PA
Sulphur Black PAN
Sulphur Black TC
Sulphur Black WLX
Sulphur Fast Black BG
Thiocyanine Black FR Grains
Thional Black 7CF
Thional Black 5G-CF
Thional Deep Black B
Thional Deep Black D
Thionol Black B
Thionol Black JN
Thionone Black 36254
Thionone Black BN Extra Conc
Thionone Black FA Extra Conc
Thionone Black Paste Special
155925-45-4 Deleted CAS-RN
54293-33-3 Deleted CAS-RN
56645-74-0 Deleted CAS-RN

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