Description: TOXCAST_ph3 is the ph3 subset of EPA’s ToxCast Screening Library (TOXCAST) chemicals, consisting of the most recently added set of 2678 chemicals entering into Phase III of the ToxCast program, including both newly added chemicals as well as EPA chemicals previously included in the Tox21 library (see TOX21SL) that were not previously included in Phases I or II of the ToxCast program. The ph3 subset represents a wide variety of EPA and public lists with the aim of further increasing chemical diversity, coverage of chemicals of concern to EPA programs, and representation of bioactivity and toxicity endpoints. Testing Phases I and II of the ToxCast program are closed; hence the inventories associated with those historical data (i.e., ph1v1, ph2v2, e1k) are static and unchanging. ToxCast Phase III is currently underway; hence the ph3 inventory (current as of 4/11/2017) may continue to expand into less well-represented areas of chemistry and biology. For more details, see TOXCAST

    Number of Chemicals: 2678