Description: EPA promulgated a reporting and recordkeeping rule for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) section 8(a)(7). Any entity who has manufactured a PFAS that is a TSCA chemical substance for commercial purposes in any year since January 1, 2011, is required to submit certain information to EPA. For the purpose of this TSCA section 8(a)(7) rule, EPA defines PFAS to include at least one of these three structures: 1) R-(CF2)-CF(R’)R”, where both the CF2 and CF moieties are saturated carbons; 2) R-CF2OCF2-R’, where R and R’ can either be F, O, or saturated carbons; 3) CF3C(CF3)R’R’’, where R’ and R” can either be F or saturated carbons.

    The list below is a subset of reportable substances and includes chemicals on the EPA Comptox Chemicals Dashboard that meet this rule’s structural definition of PFAS, including chemical substances from the publicly available TSCA Inventory and Low-Volume Exemption submissions that would meet the structural definition (~10% of the total number of compounds). While this list includes substances beyond the known TSCA universe to provide as comprehensive a list as possible to potential reporting entities, it is not exhaustive and does not contain polymers or UVCBs (Unknown or Variable compositions, Complex reaction products, and Biological materials) which may be covered by the rule. Substances that meet the rule’s structural definition but are not found on this list may be found on the TSCA 8(a)(7) PFAS Chemicals list in the System of Registries.

    Note that the list could change as the chemicals included on the CompTox Chemicals Dashboard are expanded or otherwise as modified. Such changes will be noted and curated in a transparent manner. Last Updated (April 24th 2024). For the versioned lists please use the hyperlinked lists below.

    PFAS8a7v3 - April 24th 2024 This List

    PFAS8a7v2 - March 29th 2024

    PFAS8a7V1 - December 6th 2023

    Number of Chemicals: 13054