Description: This is a list of chemicals associated with neurotoxicity compiled through automated literature mining of PubMed using MeSH terms and associating these with single chemical substances (where possible). Articles were identified in which a nervous system disease was annotated with the MeSH node C10 with disease subheading “chemically induced” and subheading “toxicity”, “poisoning”, or “adverse effects”. We identified nervous system diseases through a look-up in the MeSH tree. Nerve diseases caused by trauma and manually identified “common English terms” that could not be associated with any specific chemicals (e.g. “particulate matter”, “contrast media”) were omitted. In total 4,528 chemicals were identified; this list contains 1243 chemicals associated with 5 or more literature references, all of which have been registered in the Dashboard. The details of this work are reported in “Connecting environmental exposure and neurodegeneration using cheminformatics and high resolution mass spectrometry: potential and challenges” by Schymanski et al, DOI: 10.1039/c9em00068b

    Number of Chemicals: 1243