Description: List of registered DSSTox “category substances” representing Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) categories created using ChemAxon’s Markush structure-based query representations. Markush categories can be broad and inclusive of more specific categories or can represent a unique category not overlapping with other registered categories. Each PFAS category registered with a unique DTXSID is considered a generalized substance or “parent ID” that can be associated with one or many “child IDs” (i.e. many parent-child mappings) within the full DSSTox database. These category DTXSIDs can be used to search and retrieve all currently registered DSSTox substances within the category group, and offer an objective, transparent and reproducible structure-based means of defining a category of chemicals. This list and the corresponding category mappings are undergoing continuous curation and expansion.

    Number of Chemicals: 112