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The CompTox Chemicals Dashboard is a part of a suite of databases and web applications developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency's Chemical Safety for Sustainability Research Program. These databases and apps support EPA's computational toxicology research efforts to develop innovative methods to change how chemicals are currently evaluated for potential health risks. EPA researchers integrate advances in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, and computer science to identify important biological processes that may be disrupted by the chemicals. The combined information helps prioritize chemicals based on potential health risks. Using computational toxicology research methods, thousands of chemicals can be evaluated for potential risk at small cost in a very short amount of time.

The data in the dashboard are of varying quality with the highest quality data being assembled by the DSSTox Program. The majority of the chemical structures within the database have been compiled from public sources, such as PubChem, and have varying levels of reliability and accuracy. Links to over twenty external resources are provided. These include other dashboard apps developed by EPA and other agency, interagency, and public databases containing data of interest to environmental chemists. It also integrates chemistry linkages across other EPA dashboards and chemistry resources such as ACToR, ToxCast, EDSP21 and CPCat. Expansion, curation, and validation of the content is ongoing.

The CompTox Chemicals Dashboard also takes advantage of a number of Open Source widgets and tools. These include the developers of the PubChem widgets for Bioactivities, Articles, and Patents, and we are grateful to these developers for their contributions. Should you use the CompTox Chemicals Dashboard to source information and data of value please cite the app using the URL For a particular chemical, the specific citation can be obtained on the page under the Citation tab.

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