List Presence Keywords

List Presence keywords are descriptive terms used to convey information about a chemical that is communicated within Chemical Presence documents in ChemExpo. These reports and documents provide general information on the use of chemicals, and may come from international, federal, or state agencies, trade associations, or other reputable sources. Chemical records in these documents may be tagged with keywords allowing users to both identify general uses of chemicals, and to identify documents of interest more efficiently for a particular research effort. List keywords are grouped Kind, which are categories that describe the keywords within (e.g., Location, PUC, Media, etc.) The available keywords are an update to the chemical list presence keywords developed for the Chemical and Product Categories (CPCat) database (Dionisio et al. (2015)) and form the basis for a key dataset in releases of the current ORD Chemical and Products Database (CPDat). (Dionisio et al. (2018)). More information about the development of the current List Presence keywords can be found in the Supplement of Koval et al. (2022). See User Guide Section 'Explore General Chemical Uses' for more information.

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