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ChemExpo is an interactive web application for exploring chemical data, curated from public documents, relevant to exposure assessment. ChemExpo currently surfaces data collected by EPA about how chemicals are used in commerce and how they occur in consumer and industrial products; these data are collectively known as the Chemicals and Products Database (CPDat). ChemExpo provides tools for exploring and downloading these data, which include consumer product composition, chemical functional use, and general chemical use information. The ChemExpo team actively works to curate these data to specific consumer and occupational product categories, to chemical functional uses, and to substance identifiers (DTXSIDs) used by EPA and the CompTox Chemicals Dashboard.

This beta version of ChemExpo (v0.1) is currently undergoing review and feedback from stakeholders. Its data and functionality are subject to change.

Products Linked To Product Use Categories
Extracted Chemical Records
3.6 million
Curated Chemical Records
2.3 million
Unique Chemicals (DTXSIDs)

Getting Started

Application version:

ChemExpo 0.1.1 (July 2023)

Data release:

CPDat 4.0.0-alpha.3 (March 2024)

Known issues:

Search of specific chemical names in quotations does not return results in the "chemicals" search tab. (If searching for specific chemicals, try searching by chemical DTXSID, which can be found by searching the chemical name in the CompTox Chemicals dashboard: https://comptox.epa.gov/dashboard/)